What Are the Side Effects from Taking Testosterone Supplements?

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If you want to become a contender in the bodybuilding worlds then you should consider using testosterone supplements in order to increase your muscle mass. They are one of the most important bodybuilding supplements, amongst others. It is mostly used to increase muscle and improve performance. It is used to assist in muscle growth and development during puberty and this is continued in adult life. However if you want to increase your muscle definition then extra testosterone may be required. Male characteristics such as a deep voice, body hair and animalistic traits come from testosterone and obviously the more testosterone ion the body the more prevalent these characteristics. The more testosterone you have in your body the more obvious its characteristics will be such as the deep voice animalistic traits and body hair. It can also play a part in the amount of body fat a man has and how aggressive they are.

Exercise on its own can also increase testosterone levels, this is helped by a good weightlifting programme and exercise regime. However, you must be careful as overtraining can have an extremely detrimental effect on your testosterone levels so you must be careful to get the balance right. Shoulder and bench presses, lunges and squats are good exercises for increasing the bodys testosterone production. 
Although testosterone will help you build bigger muscle mass, you have to be patient and persistent with it as it takes time to take effect. Although helpful to athletes, testosterone is illegal and should not be taken under any circumstances, the only safe way is to take it through bodybuilding supplements bought from a reputable supplier. If you are found to have testosterone in your system you will be disqualified from any sort of sporting event you are trying to take part in. You could also experience some pretty bad side effects from using this as well including weight gain, acne, hair loss and even prostate cancer. Woman can also take testosterone if they want to build muscle but it can react poorly with them too changing their menstrual cycle and possibly making them more aggressive.  If you can manage to control your temper then this is a good way to channel the aggression into exercise but is obviously not recommended.
However there are testosterone supplements available that will encourage the production of testosterone in the body which are perfectly legal. NRG Fuel make an excellent testosterone supplement called T.T.P Anabolic. This works by giving your body extra zinc which is needed for testosterone production and also will also help with muscle repair and growth. If you think your testosterone levels are dropping try to get plenty of rest and distress yourself as these can both be causes of lowered testosterone levels.
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What Are the Side Effects from Taking Testosterone Supplements?

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What Are the Side Effects from Taking Testosterone Supplements?

This article was published on 2012/03/19