Offering Private Label Supplements at Your Spa

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A spa seeks to provide customers with an experience that promotes health, beauty and relaxation. This can include yoga, meditation, steam baths, personal training, waxing, aromatherapy, massages and facials. But one opportunity that spa owners do not always consider is the use of private label supplements.

What Are Private Label Supplements?

Private label products are produced by a manufacturer outside of the company that sells them. But after the company obtains the right to sell the product, it can sell the product under its own name. These are products that are often referred to as "brand name" products.

The most ideal supplements for spas to carry are nutritional supplements. Certain nutrients can improve the appearance of the skin, hair and nails. Other nutrients provide energy and can relieve pain and stiffness. A spa simply needs to locate a reputable nutritional product manufacturer for spas. This can include supplements that come in pill form and powders created by a nutritional powder manufacturer.

Benefits of Diversifying

Selling products offered by a nutritional product manufacturer for spas will not only offer the obvious benefit of bringing in extra revenue for the spa, but will also diversify the offering of spa services. Businesses are never fully sure which products will be successful, so diversifying the list of products offered by the company can reduce risk.

Product diversification maximizes the customer base. Spas usually rely on locals for business, which limits the size of the available customer base. By broadening the number of products available, spas can draw in the most customers possible for a given area. Offering private label supplements can also give the spa a better sense of the needs of the customer. If the customers are mostly purchasing supplements intended to boost energy, the spa might consider offering yoga classes and market it as a way to boost energy.

Boosting Customer Loyalty

Private label supplements -- such as those obtained from a nutritional powder manufacturer -- can also increase customer loyalty. The supplements will carry the spa's brand name. Customers who happen to like the supplements offered by the spa will have an additional reason for visiting the spa. They may visit for the supplements by themselves, or they may choose a spa for massage services primarily because they know that they can pick up a bottle of the spa's nutritional supplements.

Spas can always start small by offering only a few nutritional supplements. When thee supplements are successful, the spa can diversify into further offerings, especially when specific supplements really take off.

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Offering Private Label Supplements at Your Spa

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    nutriutah- 2012/12/01 07:21:05 am

    If you're an advocate towards promoting healthy living, some producers of these supplements are open to partnership to aspiring entrepreneurs who would like to have their own brand of health supplements. This private labeling supplements gives opportunity to people to formulate their own product and establish their own market to the brand that they would like to create. With the help of some of the world-class graphic designers, making attractive labels for your own brand will never be a problem. This will ensure that your own brand can compete in the market. Some would even assist new entrepreneurs in the initial stage of operation by referring them to some industry experts so that the business will flourish. This is one way to establish great after-sales service and gain customer loyalty. These private label health supplements are not only limited to capsules or tablet type. It has other forms for intake such as powder.

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Offering Private Label Supplements at Your Spa

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