Acai Berry Hazards

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The acai berries have been in use since centuries. The natives of the Amazon rainforests used it to cure many diseases. They used it as a health supplement, an energy drink and a source of vital nutrients. With so many benefits of the acai berries it is hard to think of any side effects of this berry.

Up till a few years ago, these berries were known only to the Amazonian people. With the advancement of communication, these berries have traveled across the globe and have reached the supermarkets of USA and Europe. These berries have taken the western world by a storm. Every body seemed to be talking about the benefits of the acai. To believe the stories was difficult until people tried it themselves and it was true that they worked wonders. Still some people are skeptical and want to know if these berries do have any side effects.

Recently it has been discovered that a disease called 'Chagas illness' is caused when contaminated acai berries are consumed. The feces of a Brazilian parasite are the cause of contamination. But even this disease has been limited to South America where these berries are widely used. Other possible adverse reactions of acai berries are skin irritation or rash. But even this is not due to any adverse element in the berry but because the body is not used to getting such amounts of healthy nutrients that it starts a detoxification reaction. It is actually a sign that the body is healing.

As with any product, this berry also must not be over consumed. An overdose may cause gastrointestinal irritation in some cases. The dosage amount could be different among different individuals. So what is an overdose or what is the ideal dosage can only be found by trial and error method.

So we see that the acai berries might be having some side effects, but its benefits far out- weigh them. Hence a person may consume acai and its supplements without any fear or negative impacts.

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Acai Berry Hazards

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This article was published on 2010/03/29